10 Night Out Makeup Ideas That Men Find Irresistible

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Men are very visual creatures and the way you look does a look to attract them. When you are on a night out and looking to get noticed by guys, there are some makeup tricks that can help you do it.

Whether you are just looking for attention or to possibly meet somebody for something more serious, first impressions are everything.

Not only are these going to get you noticed, they will make you feel more confident in yourself. The following 10 night out makeup ideas are ones that men find absolutely irresistible.

#10: Red lips are super sexy, they will give you confidence for a night out and will instantly make him attracted to you. Men get thoughts of lust and love when they see a girl with perfectly applied red lips.

#9: It’s really important to have a good base and this means a face color that matches your neck. There is nothing more off putting to guys than a girl who doesn’t have a natural looking face. You should make sure you find a foundation that matches your skintone and apply it well.

#8: Smoky eyes are very attractive to men, they really make your eyes pop which is vital for when you are in a room full of other women. Find a perfect makeup palette complete with blacks, browns, greys to practice this awesome look.

#7: Even though 2017 has been all about the contour, most guy actually prefer the look of pink cheeks. It’s girly and it shows a hint of shyness. Apply a small amount of pink blush to the apples of your cheeks, after you have finished applying your base.

#6: Even though men don’t consciously notice eyebrows, they frame your face and the right ones can make you 10 times more attractive. I recommend going to a professional to get your brows done until you know what suits you better.

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