Top 5 Hottest Fitness Girls With Tattoos on Instagram

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Top 5 Hottest Fitness Girls With Tattoos on Instagram


Probably the best fitness motivation is when you can look at others who’s done it and copy them.

Our previous post with Top 5 Hottest Female Fitness Models on Instagram received an enormous amount of positive feedback.

So, we decided to continue and post some more fitness motivation pictures.

This time we will take a quick glance at Top 5 Hottest Fitness Girls With Tattoos on Instagram.

In this time and age, tattoos became so popular that it’s now considered as a mainstream art.

And indeed, there’s nothing more attractive than a good looking body with incredible tattoos.

Our staff gone through Instagram and with their permission, compiled a list of the most attractive fitness women with some of the best ink we’ve ever seen.

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#5 – Stéphaëlle Macias
Instagram followers: 142k followers
Sometimes you don’t need your body to be fully inked to looks gorgeous. Stéphaëlle Macias has a beautifully tattooed left hand and she look stunning. It’s an abstract art, but we can also clearly see a star and other ancient symbols.

Good day 🍭 #tattoo #jurassicpark #smile #blondehair

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