Top 5 Hottest Female Fitness Models on Instagram

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#2. Paige Hathaway (US)


Paige Hathaway is a 26 Years Old Fitness Icon & Trainer.

She has a full right to brag since she has way over 4m followers on Instagram and over 5m fans on Facebook!

Paige runs a blog ( ) where she offers personalized fitness programs for women who want to lose weight and get in shape.

Growing up in Minnesota she became very interested in fitness and almost over night became an online sensation.

Her passion for fitness later lead her to become a personal trainer herself and inspire and help thousands of her followers.

Paige started training in 2011.

After experiencing a very rough childhood, she decided to change her life and with a tremendous determination become a fitness super star.

With over 10m followers she was featured in many famous fitness magazines, TV shows, Bikini competitions and more.

Check out her fit pictures below.

Unflexed vs Flexed.. which do you prefer?

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