Top 5 Hottest Female Fitness Models on Instagram

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#1. Emeri Connery


Emeri Connery is a personal trainer and champion bikini athlete.

This year she won:

Mountaineer Classic, Figure Class C – 1st
Mountaineer Classic, Figure Novice Class B – 1st

It wasn’t a suprise when she became interested in fitness since she wasborn into a fitness orientated family.

When her brother was competing in various prestige competitions, his example inspired Emeri to start lifting weights herself.

She became obsessed and after numerous loses, in 2017 she finally reached her highest performing level and won two #1 place trophies.

Emeri is now a certified personal trainer and insanely popular on Instagram.

She on #1 in our Top 5 Hottest Female Fitness Models on Instagram list.

Check out her fitness pictures below:

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